About Us

What does X2Y mean?

X2Y is simple, X = Problem and Y = Solution.

We take real-world problems and convert them into quality solutions. X to Y.

How it all started

Two colleagues who had shared the same values and had complementary skills decided to establish an agency which would be built on a foundation of their core values: Quality, Consistency and Transparency.

The first couple of months was focused on establishing a foundation that would be built on these core values and would also be capable of scaling and adapting to future technologies. From this, X2Y started to build and modify their technical and operational business practices.

Today, X2Y continues to innovate our products and services to ensure we are providing unparalleled value to you and your business.

Our Team & Core Values

We are a growing, efficient and a highly skilled team who specializes in converting problems into quality solutions based on our professional experience in the commerce industry and application development.

Quality, Consistency and Transparency. These are the core values that every X2Y team member is committed to delivering 100% of the time.

X2Y has a rigorous hiring process to make sure we find professionals who share our core values and stand behind the team and the work we do. Just like our clients, our team is global, based from all over, united under X2Y.

The Future

Our goal is to continue to invest in our team, focus on commerce and expand into different industries and technology sectors in order to continue to provide quality and value to our clients and their businesses.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein